Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors has well over 400 years of combined experience in all aspects of the criminal justice system. Listed below are some of our present and past distinguished members of our Board of Advisors. Our advisory team operates so that each case, no matter the division, has extremely skilled professionals lending their knowledge and expertise to our clients, advocating on their behalf. Our dedicated team of professionals includes our staff attorney, paralegals, advocates, mitigation specialists and even a few people who have served a term of incarceration in a Federal or State prison. We are the only company of its kind and our roots go back to 1985.

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Edward Scott Bales


Founder of Justice Solutions of America, Inc. and its divisions. Mr. Bales is one of the pioneers of the Federal & State Prison Consulting and Advocacy Industry and has earned the following:
- Adjudicated Federal Prison Expert in US District Court and US Circuit Court
- Approved Federal Prison Expert under the Federal CJA (Criminal Justice Act)
- Approved Federal Prison and Sentencing Expert for the FDA (Federal Defender's Association)
- Chosen as the NBC Special Prison Policy Advisor to the Staff of "The Today Show"
- Chosen as the Federal Prison Advisor to Internationally Renowned Fictional Writer, Susan Swan

Mr. Bales has been internationally recognized for well over two decades. He has been a special consultant to hosts of NBC's "The Today Show" and has interviewed with NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, CNBC, CNN, Anderson Cooper 360, The Today Show, Comcast Morning Show, Bloomberg News, The Glenn Beck Show and more. He has been quoted in the New York Times, New York Post, The Wall Street Journal, The London Times, MLex International Magazine, People & Wired Magazines and others, as well as an uncountable number of radio talk shows, books and many other International, National and Local Media Outlets over the past two decades.

Cindy Gardner

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Ms. Gardner assists in high-profile case strategies within all of our divisions. She is Co-Founder and former Chief Consultant of Federal Prison Consultants, our flagship division. Cindy has been zealously advocating for federal and state defendants and inmates for over 20 years.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry

Peter Curcio

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Peter Curcio is a Senior Federal, State and County prison advisor. Pete served 25 years with the New York City Department of Corrections at Riker's Island and rose to the position of second highest in the Chain of Command. After his retirement with the New York City Department of Corrections, Pete became a corrections consultant with the United States Department of Justice and has been training Federal, State and County level Senior Corrections Executives all across the Country. Training all levels of government, in positions such as Correctional Wardens, Correctional Superintendents and other Senior Level Corrections Executives, gives Pete hands-on contact and insight into Federal, State and Local County Correctional Institutions. Pete has been on staff for over 12 years as a Senior Technical Advisor for several divisions of Justice Solutions of America, Inc.

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Julie Prescott had a 24 year career with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Julie's knowledge and experience spans her responsibilities as a Case Manager, Disciplinary Hearing Officer, and Case Management Coordinator in a Federal Correction Institution and a Federal Medical Center. She has expert knowledge in classification and designation issues, compassionate release/reduction in sentence, inmate discipline, residential reentry center/home confinement, mental health commitments and administrative remedies. Julie has been advocating for federal and state inmates with Justice Solutions of America, Inc. for more than 8 years.

Julie Prescott

Shakeerah Hameen

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Shakeerah Hameen is a Senior Federal and State Prison Advisor. Shakeerah has more than 20 years of experience with Justice Solutions of America, Inc. In addition to her federal and state prison advocacy experience of over 30 years, Shakeerah’s expertise spans the areas of sentencing mitigation, parole, pardons and sentence commutations. She is responsible for these services within several of our divisions.

John Gaither

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John Gaither is a Special BOP Advisor. He joins Federal Prison Consultants after 35 years of exemplary service with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. John's expertise includes the management and operation of Residential Reentry Centers, and liaison with the US Marshals Service, FBI, US Probation and the Federal Courts. He has worked with the senior leadership of the Federal Bureau of Prisons in developing and executing policy and programs that directly impact incarcerated persons.

Sean Francis

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Sean R. Francis has spent over ten years as an inmate incarcerated within the Federal Bureau of Prisons. During his incarceration he was housed in multiple federal prisons including high, medium and low security institutions. He has also served multiple years on Supervised Release, successfully completing his final sentence in 2013. 

Since his release Sean has earned a paralegal certificate, bachelor’s degree in legal studies and will soon complete his master’s degree in legal studies. He intimately recognizes the challenges and fears those entering federal prison will encounter. While in prison Sean grew determined to change and find a way to help people through his own expeirance. His desire to help those who find themselves in the unfortunate situation of entering the federal criminal justice system and the Bureau of Prisons has brought him to Justice Solutions of America. 

Director California Prison Consultants

Renee Bauer

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Parole Specialist

Megan M. Lyons

Ms. Lyons is a federal prison attorney. She is a licensed attorney in FL and handles FL state cases as well as federal cases across the U.S. In conjunction with Justice Solutions of America, Inc

General Counsel

Salvador A. "Tony" Godinez

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Mr. Godinez is a member of the Justice Solutions of America, Inc. Board of Advisors. He has served in the field of corrections for 42 years. Most recently he served as Illinois Department of Corrections (IDOC) Director for the past seven years. He also served as Executive Director of the Cook County Department of Corrections (CCDC) for five years. He has spent 27 years of his 42-year career in corrections in the State of Illinois. While at the IDOC he enacted major efficiency measures which dramatically reduced facility-related costs while not compromising safety and security. He also oversaw the continued provision of complete medical and mental health care to an average daily inmate population of 47,500 over the past fiscal years.

Marisa Hanczar

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Wayne Schoonmaker

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